Blue bunny

Is the rabbit a friend or a foe? I think my bunny impression looks pretty cute and cuddly, but in the UK we are over run with wild rabbits and they are chomping their way through fields of crops. Plus they can cause all kinds of problems when they burrow under roads and buildings (read more here Disease Resistant Rabbits ruining farmers crops) We are already leaving enough food in the fields to go to waste because it isn't perfect enough, we don't need to lose it to rabbits too. Especially when we could be eating the wild rabbits instead.

Rabbits are prolific breeders, are native, are not protected in any way and are actually considered a pest. From an environmental perspective it would make a lot of sense to eat them, but I don't see rabbit routinely sold in shops or offered in restaurants and I wonder why that is? Is the cute and cuddly thing holding people back? Have you ever tried eating wild rabbit or would you consider it? Note: in my googling I found an article saying that most rabbit meat sold in the UK is actually battery farmed in cruel conditions so if you are going to eat rabbit, try to find wild rabbit meat. 

I'm going back to birds with my next drawing - look out for it next Thursday!


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