Kitchen tile art

What have I created here? I think it would make a nice kitchen tile! I drew it when I was on a lovely relaxing weekend away with my husband without the kids. We booked a gorgeous Airbnb place in a little hamlet near Henley and I was experimenting with filling a page. One section was inspired by a chest of drawers - see if you can spot it. 

If you have a spare weekend, Henley is a great place to visit in summer time, especially in the run up to the regatta (or on the regatta weekend). We went the week before and there were loads of rowers training hard for the big day. It was fun to walk along by the river, watch them train and do a bit of duck spotting! There is also a bandstand by the river in the other direction to where the rowing happens. I really enjoyed sitting in the sunshine listening to a band play and do a bit of drawing out and about.

Where's your favourite place to go away for a weekend in the UK and what can you see in the picture? 


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