The proofs are in the post and an exciting announcement!

Ever since I started this blog, my plan has been to sell prints and to make them as eco-friendly as possible. I've been researching materials and  came to the decision to get some of my drawings printed on bamboo fine art paper using the Giclee method. Giclee means that the print is printed from a high resolution digital file, onto archival quality fine art paper and using long lasting inks, which should last for years. It also means using a specialist ink jet printer. 

Compared to other art printing methods there is limited waste, as each print can just be printed off as and when needed. Any offcuts are recycled by the printer and these prints should last a lifetime if cared for well. I chose bamboo paper because it is the most eco-friendly option available at the moment. Other fine art giclee prints are often printed on cotton. Cotton is very pesticide and water intensive, which is not good for the environment and bamboo is fast growing and needs less in the way of pesticides.  

I've ordered some proofs from the printer and they are on their way. I'm really excited! I'm also currently in the process of setting up an Etsy shop, so that I can sell them and will be sharing the link with you here when it is ready.

So what is my exciting announcement?

I will be donating £2 to Zero Waste Week for every print sold from the time I start selling them on Etsy until the end of September 2017. Zero Waste Week is a brilliant yearly challenge to reduce our waste and I have been massively inspired by it. Several years ago, I produced two full large bin bags of rubbish every week and now I only put the bins out occasionally. The week runs in the first week of September and if you haven't already, I highly recommend signing up to it here: Zero Waste Week

If you choose to buy a print, not only will you be supporting an independent artist and eco-blogger, but you will also be helping out a great campaign. So keep an eye out for my post next Thursday which will hopefully be where I share my Etsy store with you. Thanks!


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