About me

Hello, welcome and thanks for visiting my site. A brief intro to me - I am an ex Internal Auditor, turned eco-blogger/ writer (check out my other site www.ecothriftyliving.com) and now I am coming out of the closet as an artist too!

I love patterns and free drawing a.k.a doodling or zen art. When I draw I have no overall vision of what the picture will look like in the end, but all my works usually have common themes. I draw a random shape, split it into parts and then fill each part with doodles. I often like to add eyes and imagine that I have created mystical looking creatures.

I find drawing incredibly therapeutic, relaxing and enjoyable. I doodle in all kinds of moods and it makes me focus on just one thing which in this ever distraction filled world is a welcome relief at times!

You can buy prints of my artwork in my Etsy shop here: Zoe's Zen Art Esty shop

I hope you enjoy seeing my artworks and I look forward to reading your comments!

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